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The making of Children's Circus Animal Masks

Jessica StockComment

It's always a great joy to see a product come to life. The animal mask series has been one of my favorites to create.  From the first brush strokes of watercolor on paper to seeing a child's imagination stir as they put on the fabric mask, it is truly rewarding to be a part of the entire process.

tiger mask process.jpg

Many steps were taken to ensure these masks would be a success.  After scouring images online and adding them to a Pinterest board (gotta love Pinterest!) I then drew the outline and a rough detailed sketch of each animal mask.  Once I'm happy with the outline (placement of eyes, nose, ears, etc.) I begin what starts out to be the most daunting but always turns out to be the most therapeutic step. I put brush to paper and begin to watercolor over my sketch.  For the next several hours its layers upon layers of paint until the faces come to life.

Once the watercolor paintings are finished they are scanned and additional edits are made before sending the files off to the printers where they are printed onto quality cotton twill fabric.  As soon as I receive the fabric, I apply a backing.  This makes the masks more durable and gives them structure.  And the final step is to cut out each mask by hand and secure the elastic tie.

The masks are sure to be an absolute hit at your next party. Whether they are used as party gifts or accessories for a photo booth, children of all ages will be sure to get lost in their imaginations. 

Wait! There is even more to celebrate. We love the versatility of these fabric masks.   When not in use, they look adorable showcased all together, simply hung on the wall of your child's room.  Such an easy, festive and artistic way to dress up a child's bedroom or playroom.

Currently we are selling two children's animal mask collections.  The Circus Collection, featured above,  and the Wilderness collection which includes an owl, raccoon, bear and a fox.   All equally irresistible.