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Our First Baby Model!

Jessica StockComment

I had the fortunate opportunity to spend part of my Saturday taking pictures of this adorable little boy. His name is Colin (in case you can’t tell from the personalized banner I created for him) and he has a very special day coming up this week; he’s turning 1! Yay!!! Happy birthday Colin!

Colin seemed like a natural choice as a model for our Animal Alphabet theme since as I was designing the party hats, I couldn’t stop thinking of how cute they would look on top of that gorgeous red hair! (On a practical note, I also used Colin to test out the size and attachment length and material before launching the product). 

colin 1a.jpg

Throughout the photo shoot I had to use all of my effort to stay behind the camera despite my intense desire to pinch his cheeks. Don’t you want to just reach through your screen and give this little guy a big hug!?! Playing with cute kids is definitely an unintentional job perk with Wonderful Collective.

But lets get real for a second. Babies are a lot more challenging to shoot than cupcakes. Their attention span is so short that you have to be really quick with the shutter release. I learned this fast with Colin. He is a baby on the go, and even through he loved the mobile and hat, he was a bit more interested in putting them in his mouth than being an accessory to the product. Still, for the few seconds I had his attention he was a model rock star!

Big shout out to Dan and Maureen for lending me your kid!

colin 2a.jpg